The General Manager inspects the Majex branch in Dammam

  • The General Manager inspects the Majex branch in Dammam
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His Excellency Mr. Matooq Al-Jandal, General Manager of MAJEX Express, paid an inspection visit to the company’s branch in Dammam, the day before yesterday, with the aim of reviewing the progress of work and the efforts exerted to develop it in the eastern region in general, where he was accompanied by the CEO and the Director of Development and Sales,

and they were received by Mr. Haitham Mahmoud, the branch manager and the work team at various sections.

Where the Director General, Mr. Matooq  Al-Jandal, met with the branch's employees, beginning the meeting by thanking the work team for their efforts in the past period, stressing that any effort will be valued and rewarded in order to achieve satisfaction in the hearts of the employees and enhance their sense of belonging.

 He gave a full explanation of the company's future strategy and the distinguished level that we all aspire to have a footprint in this vital and promising sector, especially as it is a priority in the Kingdom's Vision 2030 that supports the growth of the logistics industry, which aims to make the Kingdom the largest logistics region in the Middle East


He also spoke at length about caring for the human cadre, educating it and making it aware of the importance of its role and creating the conditions that help it to play this role with love and loyalty, and to present a good model as the interface through which we look at customers and gain their trust and continuity through it. 

Al-Jandal toured the branch’s facilities and departments and was briefed on the organizational procedures of the work and began his keenness to touch the needs of the branch and its employees, listening to their observations and suggestions, which would overcome obstacles to achieve the highest rates of success..

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